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columnize - an app to convert lists to columns

Submitted by KenSmith on 2013-09-30 
This is a small bash script I wrote to convert a newline separated list into a columnized list. The column app which is supplied with Linux will do this but you cannot select the number of columns you want. However, it is used as part of this script.

Installing vpn server on Linux 5 (centos 5, RHEL 5)

Submitted by Parag Borle on 2013-05-10 
I am using pptpd server as my vpn server and my linux distro is centos 5. u can check for the video of the same at

Linux in Enterprise desktop space

Submitted by Muneer Ahmed Syed on 2013-05-01 
Limitations preventing in usage of Linux in Enterprise desktop space and suggestions to overcome common challenges. I am (Java/JEE) techinical arichitect and developer for a major IT consultancy and Linux supporter. I try hands on different linux flavors as part of my job. I found liking for Ubuntu ...

How to install FreeIPA Client 2.1.4 on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise)

Submitted by toordog on 2013-02-28 
I created this article because the only existing article on how to install FreeIPA on Ubuntu was from 2010-2011 and had many steps that are no longer necessary. Bug has been fixed over time and it's now way easier to get it done successfully. We are still working intensively on improving and fixing ...
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Debox GNU/Linux Live CD 1.4

Submitted by MFD2HDx on 2014-09-23 
Debox GNU/Linux Live CD is a live hybrid distribution based on Debian and OpenBox. Can be used on computers supporting 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x86_64) instruction set architectures.
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Swift Linux 0.1.2

Submitted by zenwalker on 2011-02-08 updated by ozar on 2011-08-21
A live antiX derivative
Distributions / Live with 0 Votes

linuX-gamers 0.9.7

Submitted by ozar on 2010-06-09 updated by ozar on 2011-05-10
LiveDVD intended for gamers!
Distributions / Live with 0 Votes

StressLinux 0.7.106

Submitted by ozar on 2009-12-06 updated by ozar on 2011-07-31
system high load test for computer users
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linux /root/sent file

Posted by postcd 1 day, 45 minutes ago
The file /root/sent contains some contents i sent via email (linux application "mutt") from linux server. It is quite large, how can i prevent this file be generated or be generated in different folder? When emails ent wia linux "mail" message do not appear in that sent file.

Last Poster: postcd Replies: 0 Views: 117 Forum: Miscellaneous

Is Linux now a fully-fledged gaming platform?

Posted by samsonite2010 1 day, 23 hours ago
I just had a look at the Linux section on Steam and there were 1599 games available - I started flicking through the first few pages and was amazed by the number of big name games - just a few I picked out:

Borderland series
Empire: Total War
Civilization V
Killing Floor
Garry's Mod
Last Poster: sidzen Replies: 5 Views: 238 Forum: Gaming / Multimedia / Entertainment

Linux file system divided between SSD and HDD

Posted by white_hound 2 days, 4 hours ago
In order to achieve better price/performance ratio, I plan to divide my file system (Ubuntu 14.04) between SSD and HDD.
Things that are "read mostly" (i.e. most of OS stuff) - should reside on SSD.
Things that are being read and written (/home, /tmp, /var) - should reside on HDD.
The ra..
Last Poster: white_hound Replies: 2 Views: 144 Forum: Installation

Linux Music Server and Wireless ?

Posted by ksdgfdhgfdij 2 days, 11 hours ago
I have a tower PC that's been running CentOS (now on 6.5) for the past two years. My wife has given me permission to splash out on a 'real server', so I've gone for an HP ML310e Gen8, RAID 1 and 16 GB of RAM.

Anyway, the old CentOS server is being retired, but my wife and I..
Last Poster: ksdgfdhgfdij Replies: 0 Views: 153 Forum: Gaming / Multimedia / Entertainment
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LinuxBasics plan costing $ 9.74