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columnize - an app to convert lists to columns

Submitted by KenSmith on 2013-09-30 
This is a small bash script I wrote to convert a newline separated list into a columnized list. The column app which is supplied with Linux will do this but you cannot select the number of columns you want. However, it is used as part of this script.

Installing vpn server on Linux 5 (centos 5, RHEL 5)

Submitted by Parag Borle on 2013-05-10 
I am using pptpd server as my vpn server and my linux distro is centos 5. u can check for the video of the same at http://paragborle.blogspot.in

Linux in Enterprise desktop space

Submitted by Muneer Ahmed Syed on 2013-05-01 
Limitations preventing in usage of Linux in Enterprise desktop space and suggestions to overcome common challenges. I am (Java/JEE) techinical arichitect and developer for a major IT consultancy and Linux supporter. I try hands on different linux flavors as part of my job. I found liking for Ubuntu ...

How to install FreeIPA Client 2.1.4 on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise)

Submitted by toordog on 2013-02-28 
I created this article because the only existing article on how to install FreeIPA on Ubuntu was from 2010-2011 and had many steps that are no longer necessary. Bug has been fixed over time and it's now way easier to get it done successfully. We are still working intensively on improving and fixing ...
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Furfly and New Games for Linux

Posted by smd001 1 day, 15 hours ago
Hello everyone I am new to this forum and to Linux but I just found this amazing new game that has a Linux version and is great. I hope you will like it :) I posted this because it's hard to find a good game on Linux so I think this will help anyone who wants a nice game to play on Linux.

Last Poster: Roxoff Replies: 3 Views: 150 Forum: Gaming / Multimedia / Entertainment
1 day, 15 hours ago
3 150 Gaming / Multimedia / Entertainment

Dual Boot Linux/Windows - Separate Drives - GRUB

Posted by danielt20 2 days, 7 hours ago
Hello All, I want to dual boot Windows 10 and Linux Mint and install on separate drives. My question is if I disconnect my primary Windows 10 and install Linux on my second drive, then re-connect my primary drive, will GRUB allow me to choose which drive at boot up or will I have to use the bios? T..
Last Poster: NGIB Replies: 2 Views: 114 Forum: Mint Linux
2 days, 7 hours ago
2 114 Mint Linux

never used linux before

Posted by TCB206 2 days, 7 hours ago
Hello everyone, I am new here; however, I have been lurking on these forums for a few weeks now. My friend recently gave me his old laptop as its specs are much better than my laptop currently. It is an Asus F555L laptop. I am currently in school for computer programming, however really I am trying ..
Last Poster: hazel Replies: 4 Views: 112 Forum: Newbie
2 days, 7 hours ago
4 112 Newbie

Can I install Redhat Linux Fedora Core 2 on a Dell Inspirion e6500

Posted by chrisbek 2 days, 8 hours ago
Hello I just joined today and I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this question but here goes:

I have a Thomson Course Technology Book called The Complete Guide to Linux System Administration by Nicholas Wells.

The book comes with Redhat Linux Fedora Core 2 Software on CD-ROM

I ..
Last Poster: NGIB Replies: 1 Views: 115 Forum: Red Hat / Fedora Linux
2 days, 8 hours ago
1 115 Red Hat / Fedora Linux
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