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Samba4 installationubuntu 13.10

Posted by GregMazarakis 4 months, 26 days ago
Hallo there,
I am a newbie in linux and I have a problem installing Samba4 in my ubuntu 13.10 distro. Eatch time that I install this trough the software center or directly through the command line I have an error at the end when samba4 need to be configured.Any suggestions??

ERROR(ldb): uncaught..
Last Poster: ivotkl Replies: 1 Views: 1011 Forum: Ubuntu Linux

Samba4 on RHEL6, PDC-BDC Replication Problem

Posted by masud1503 1 year, 1 month ago

I have installed a samba4 AD with samba-4.0.3 on RHEL6.3 which is working fine. I have installed another Samba4 AD as a BDC in RHEL6.3 also.

The host name and IP address of the PDC and BDC are:, IP:, IP:

BDC has been joined..
Last Poster: Rubberman Replies: 1 Views: 852 Forum: Red Hat / Fedora Linux

installing samba4 on debian

Posted by hobuscorpus 2 years, 8 months ago
I'm having some trouble installing samba4 on my Debian machine. I've tried following this hxxp://

But when I use the git repo method, when I get to [inline]$ make quicktest[/inline] takes a very long time and then returns so..
Last Poster: HROAdmin26 Replies: 9 Views: 8609 Forum: Debian Linux

Samba4 errors

Posted by Linrox 3 years, 3 months ago
I am trying to install samba 4.0 Alpha 14 and have successfully compiled and installed, But when I try to start samba I get various error messages and can't work out how to fix them.

Here is the run info

[CODE]# samba -i -d2
lpcfg_load: refreshing parameters from /usr/local/samba/e..
Last Poster: Linrox Replies: 2 Views: 2287 Forum: SuSE Linux

Samba4 client question

Posted by Nefertiti 5 years, 5 days ago

Question regarding samba4. Outside of the howto file in the root of the samba-4.0.0alpha7 tarball I found little to no samba4 documentation.

At this time it appears the only samab4 client command is smbclient. Does anyone know when smbmount/mount.cifs will be available in samba4?

Last Poster: Nefertiti Replies: 0 Views: 1465 Forum: Applications